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My name is Oliver and I am a full-time wedding photojournalist living in the beautiful state of Kentucky. Having studied architecture, I have a sensitivity to the built environment, and an eye for turning fleeting moments into beautifully composed images. I enjoy listening to people’s love stories and I’m so glad that I get the chance to portray the mutual love between two beings. Whenever I am not photographing weddings, you might spot me riding my bicycle to architecture studio or running in downtown Lexington.

Artist Statement

As a photojournalist, I strive to capture the candid emotions of the moment. I want to get to know my clients in order to express their personalities through the images I take. For over ten years I have approached photography as an artist, hoping to capture the essence of the human experience we all share. I believe emotions captured in a still frame can be more than memories; they should be felt. I like to participate in the wedding planning process to anticipate the most important photographs, to make sure important events have the best possible lighting, and to allow myself to remain unobtrusive and respectful to precious and candid moments I intend to capture.

I believe in the value of documenting little surprises that make your day special and unique to you, so I prefer to be present for the entire day, from early morning preparations until the close of the reception. Because I care about you and your time, I return preliminary photographs within one week, and your photos are uploaded to a secure server and backed up in two locations to prevent accidents. The candid moments that make up the most meaningful memories of our lives cannot be repeated, so it is my priority to ensure that your smiles and tears are preserved for nostalgic moments later on. My process is unique. Your wedding is unique. Let me compose lasting memories you can cherish for the rest of your life. . .


Why we're different

We are here for you in a way that no one else is! Call us, email us, text us, and if we’re not shooting we’ll respond immediately. And even if we are shooting, we’ll get back to you within hours, not days! Here are some of the things that immediately set us apart from our competitors:


Receive your photos within 14 days! You will have a password protected page with all your photos in it.


When you book me, you book me for the entire day – Simple as that. From the moment you get your Make-up done until the Send Out… because what else will I be doing on a weekend?


I believe that the beautiful moments lived shouldn’t be kept away from my clients and that’s why every photo that I take at your wedding day belongs to you!

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